Author : Mogboh, Veronica E. (Ph.D) and Ene, Felicia N. (Ph.D)

The business of education is peculiar but akin to other social businesses in its quest for relevance and sustainability in contemporary development strides. The education system owes it as a duty to its younger ones to upgrade the standards. This involves internationalization of the system to be able to meet up with the rest of the world. The world has gone digital and sustaining the tempo is in digitalization. Traditional methods of teaching/learning are giving way to newer digitalized methods. The teachers’ pedagogic skills entail the knowledge of the modern ICT operations and how they apply to teaching. The teacher must harness various educational applications known as apps and apply them to modern teaching and learning. This also includes online teaching and learning. This paper feels that the government and other education stakeholders all have a lot to do to ensure that the education system is internationalized by consciously embarking on upgrading the system.
Affiliation : Godfrey Okoye University, Thinker’s Corner, Enugu, Nigeria
Keywords : Challenges, Devices, Exploring, Internationalization, sustainability
Date : Friday ,29 ,December ,2017

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