Author : Chima,A.I, Ugwoke A.C and Ayantunji B .G

A comparative research on the effects of cosmic ray flux on tropospheric refractivity variations were carried out in south west part of Nigeria. The hourly averages of refractivity during dry and rainy seasons were calculated from the data obtained from the Centre for Atmospheric Research CAR and cosmic ray data were downloaded from Mexico Observatory. This data used for the computation of tropospheric refractivity is in two minute’s interval of the variations of meteorological parameters for each day of the months and was carried out for a period of six years. Careful application of correlation text was carried out between the variation of cosmic ray and the variation of tropospheric refractivity variations, Correlation coefficients of 0.4676,0.3139 and 0.5854 during dry season and 0.2335,0.2241,0.4350 during raining season at 5% significant level respectively were found between these variations. The results indicated that the impact of cosmic rays on atmosphere in Akure during rainy season are greater than the results in dry season in . This is as a result of variations in meteorological parameters such as humidity and temperature in the lower troposphere which causes the radio refractivity to vary at different time of the day
Affiliation : 1,2 Department of Industrial Physics, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria 3 Department of Engineering and Space Systems, National Space Research and Development Agency Abuja, Nigeria
Keywords : Cosmic Rays, Flux, meteorological parameters, refractivity, tropospheric
Date : Friday ,29 ,December ,2017

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