Author : A. I. Onyia (Ph.D)

The effects of pH variation on properties of chemical bath deposited Pb-doped CdS thin films are studied and here presented. Cadmium chloride was used to release Cd2+, (NH2)2CS was used to release S2- and dopant (lead) was introduced from small quantity Pb(NO3)2 that could only give Pb of relative abundance X with respect to Cd2+ of X:100 where X . Ammonia was introduced in various quantities that ensured good reaction complexation and determined different pH of baths. Successfully grown thin films of Pb-doped cadmium sulphide were characterized for their elemental, structural and optical properties which revealed that pH increase of bath increased the thin film optical absorbance but decreased the refractive index as well as the energy gap.
Affiliation : Department of Industrial Physics, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria
Keywords : CdS, chemical bath deposition, complexation, doping, spectrophotometry.
Date : Friday ,27 ,July ,2018

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