Author : A.I. Onyia (Ph.D)

Copper antimony sulphide thin films have been fabricated in Chemical Bath Technique using two different bath media: water and polyvinyl alcohol. The depositions were on plane glass substrates at room temperature and the precursor chemicals used were CuCl2, SbCl3 and Na2S2O3 which reacted for 4.5 hrs at a time in either bath. The freshly grown films were annealed each for an hour at a temperature of 250 . These choices of growth media enabled the study of PVA capping pores on the crystal growth and solid state characteristics of CuSbS2. This study shows that PVA apped film has better ordered crystal structure and higher absorbance from a visible (450 nm) to NIR, same absorbance for UV rays and same band gap (1.50 eV).
Affiliation : Department of Industrial Physics, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu State, Nigeria.
Keywords : Chemical bath deposition technique, polyvinyl alcohol, CuSbS2 thin film, capping pores.
Date : Monday ,17 ,June ,2019

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