Author : Tlhabologo Sie and Ifeoma Eze

Motivation of employees is regarded as a force that drives them toward attainment of specific organizational goals and objectives. Since every organization desires to maximise the use of their human and financial resources, it is one of the sizzling issue in organizations today. Establishment of motivational programs by organizations is important because it will improve motivation, individual performance and the organization performance. This study explored the influence of motivation on lecturers’ job performance in Serowe Brigade. It identified the factors that may motivate the lecturers to perform effectively. It was a case study and a purposive sampling was utilized in administering eight narrative documents, only five documents were retrieved and five lecturers interviewed. The collected data was analysed using percentages and narrations. The study found that the lecturers perceive motivation as an important element in job performance and the factors that affect their motivation were discovered and those included salary and reward packages, working environment, organizational structure, training, promotion and the leaders’ management style. At the end, the study concluded that motivation is important for increasing lecturers’ job performance and it is a driving force for the overall efficiency of an organization. Therefore, there should be adoption of different motivation techniques to meet the needs of the lecturers as well as the changes in the work environment. Recommendations were proffered based on the findings of the study; with the intention of helping management of the institution improve their lecturers’ motivation strategies.
Affiliation : Department of Education and Language Studies/ Botho University, Botswana. and Department of Educational Management and Leadership/ Botswana Open University, Botswanan.
Keywords : Brigade, Job-performance, Lecturers, Motivation, Vocation-school
Date : Thursday ,31 ,March ,2022

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