Teachers' decision to reject or adopt instructional materials and technology for instructional related activities is a complex issue that has puzzled scholars and challenged many institutions of learning. As a result of superficial use of instructional materials and technologies, the researcher sought to understand the reason behind their slow uptake in the teaching and learning process. The study therefore investigated English Language Teachers Perception and self-efficacy on the use of projectors in learning English Language in Secondary Schools in Enugu East LGA of Enugu State. The study employed survey research design with one hundred and two (102) respondents purposively used as the sample for the study. Three research questions guided the study and a questionnaire was used to gather the data for the study. The validity and reliability of the instrument was ascertained. The Instrument was pilot tested and reliability was computed which yielded 0.79 coefficient using Cronbach alpha computation. The data for the study was subjected to descriptive analysis. The data was analyzed using frequency and percentage, mean and standard deviation. From the stud it was evident that English language teachers found projectors useful and also easy to use. Unfortunately, a good number of them have poor mastery of some basic skills in using projectors. This implies that English language teachers in secondary schools are yet to fully adopt the use of projectors in learning English language due to other factors not considered in this study. It is therefore recommended amongst others that training and periodic re-training of teachers via workshops and seminars should be organized to equip teachers with skills for operating projectors. Furthermore, government through proper funding and donations should make projectors and other accessories necessary for its use available and accessible to secondary school teachers.
Affiliation : Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria.
Keywords : English Language, Teachers Perception, use of projector, learning English Language, Secondary Schools, Enugu East LGA of Enugu State.
Date : Friday ,31 ,March ,2023

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