Author : Kagiso Kgosiyame and Ifeoma R. Eze

Today’s world depends on the use of technology, to match this world of technology the learning institutions had equipped their libraries with electronic resources like electronic textbooks (e-textbooks) or electronic- journals, etc. This study is guided by the revised TAM called Extended Technological Acceptance Model for Evaluating E-learning in the African Context (ETAM-4EEA) examines the immensity of using e-textbooks as opposed to hardcopy textbooks by learners in Botho University in the 21st century. The study established the frequency of use of e-textbooks in the university, the perceived usefulness and ease of use of e-textbooks, identified the factors affecting the adoption and use of e-textbooks and the reason for the coexistence of e-textbooks and hardcopy textbooks in the university. Mixed method approach was employed, with seventy-two participants for quantitative data and two for qualitative data. Quantitative data was analyzed statistically and, whilst qualitative data was analyzed thematically through narrative description. The researcher chose a mixed-methods approach due to its proven capability to provide superior results than using a single method. The findings of this study affirmed the theoretical studies that highlighted the full acceptance and use of electronic resources as the only source of information still to be realized among many learners in universities and colleges .Conclusion was, the coexistence of both textbooks should continue up until the e-textbooks had gained full acceptance and adoption. Recommendations were drawn and structured to advise the institutional management and librarians on how to increase the e-textbooks adoption among the learners and staff.
Affiliation : 1Department of Education and Language Studies, Botho University. Botswana 2Department of Special Education, Psychology & Guidance and Counselling BA ISAGO University, Botswana.
Keywords : Botho University, Electronic Books, Hardcopy Books, Electronic Library, Traditional Library, 21st Century.
Date : Friday ,09 ,June ,2023

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