Author : Iheanyi O. Igwe (P.hD, Mstan, Mcon & Fcai)

This paper examined certain contending issues inherent in the implementation of secondary education chemistry curriculum in Nigeria and possible innovative approaches for the future. Curriculum has been described as a programme of activity in or out of the school under the guidance of the school. The major and specific objectives of secondary school education and those of chemistry education were highlighted. The concept of curriculum implementation was also discussed. Basic conceptual issues that were regarded as being contending to the implementation of secondary education chemistry curriculum were highlighted. Certain approaches considered innovative to improvement for the implementation for brighter tomorrow were pointed out, such as chemistry teachers and their students contributing to the provision of instructional materials through improvisation; involving the teachers in decision-making and the planning of curriculum since they are the key factors in the implementation of the curriculum. The need for the government to employ adequate number of qualified chemistry teachers was equally mentioned. Furthermore, appropriate recommendations were made among which is that stakeholders of secondary school education; the government, chemistry teachers and Parent Teachers Association should work as a unit in actualizing the objectives of the secondary education chemistry programme, whether major or specific.

Affiliation : Department of Science Education, Faculty of Education, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria.
Keywords : Chemistry, Curriculum, Implementation, Issues, Secondary Education.
Date : Sunday ,01 ,March ,2015

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