Author : Gabriel Okafor (PhD)

Five affective (attitudinal) qualities: curiosity objectivity, open-mindedness, confidence and perseverance have been shown to be pre-eminent in the teaching and learning process. However, of all these attributes (qualities): curiosity and objectivity have high indications as the two most important or highly rated scientific attitudes. The study also demonstrated that three scientific behaviours with the highest rating exhibited by the ‘best’ students is the students’ responsibility. The ‘best’ students were in addition shown to possess other beneficial traits such as refined manner (good behavior), humility, attentiveness and interest learning. While six (6) scientific attitudes were apparently substantially favoured among the general undergraduate populations, three (3) attitudes such as reality orientation, objectivity and open-mindedness were least favoured. Thus, the clearer definition of these affective qualities among our student population would likely assist our teachers/educators (at all levels of our school system), curriculum and counseling experts in doing a better job to advance the educational task.

Affiliation : Department of Science and Computer Education, Faculty of Education, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Keywords : Attitude, Educational task, Learning process, Students, Scientific
Date : Sunday ,01 ,March ,2015

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