Author : Prof. Omiko Akani

Chemistry Education is indispensable in achieving Scientific and Technological Development of any nation. It is an aspect of Science Education which deals with the study of the composition of substances, energy contents of substances as well as the changes in the energies of substances undergoing transformations to other things, or in the course of their interactions with other substances. This paper focused on the role of chemistry in nation building and service to  humanity, especially: career choice in agriculture, health, engineering, education, transportation, industries, among others. The factors that affect the effective implementation of Chemistry Education Curriculum were also treated and the remedies were also highlighted. Furthermore, the paper made the following recommendations. The States
and Federal Governments should increase the budgetary allocation in education, curriculum developers and chemistry teachers should work cooperatively to produce Functional Chemistry Curriculum, Chemistry teachers should be exposed
to in-service training, conferences, seminars and workshops, to update their knowledge on the current pedagogy in chemistry teaching and learning, among others.

Affiliation :

Department of Science Educational, Ebonyi State University, Nigeria.

Keywords : Creation, Development, Education, Humanity, Life, Wealth
Date : Saturday ,01 ,November ,2014

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