Author : 1 Obeta, C.N., 2 Mgbachi, C.A.,and 3 Udeh, I.J.

Today the world is witnessing energy crises and this necessitates the efficient utilization of electrical energy and electronic helps in accomplishing this task of efficient energy usage. Accurate control of applied voltage to electric motor is very vital for its starting and normal speed control. This paper examines the development of a soft starter through the use of silicon control rectifier (SCR) to manipulate the voltage delivered to electric motor. A variable resistance is inserted in series with the gate circuit to trigger the SCR at any point –in-time along the wave form, to allow for time proportional power control to the load. The result is that the rated input voltage is reduced according to the magnitude of the resistance.

Affiliation :

Department of Electrical/ Electronic Engineering; Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu Nigeria

Keywords : Applied voltage, Soft starter, Silicon control rectifier, Variable resistance.
Date : Sunday ,01 ,March ,2015

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