Author : 1Prof. Anowor Oliver O., 2Anigbo Leonard C. (Ph.D) and 3 Igwenagu Chinelo M (Ph.D)

The research sought to determine the effect of exposure to supplementary electronic audio course materials on the performance of students in terminal examinations. The research was conducted in two classes of the department of Business Administration in the Enugu State University of Science and Technology located in Nigeria. A quasi-experimental design was used for the study. From a student population of 180, the subjects of the study consisting of 167 samples were selected. Out of the sample, 79 students were purposefully selected as experimental subjects while 88 students were placed in the control group. Data were collected using structured questionnaire, records of class attendance and end-of-semester results while CD-ROMs containing TextAloud audio recording of selected course materials were distributed to the experimental group as the study treatment. Data collected and analyzed using ANOVA showed no significant effect of exposure to audio recording on the examination scores of students lumped into one group but revealed that combinations of gender, course level, and class attendance with exposure had significant interaction effects on academic performance of students. Data analysis also showed that highly exposed students performed much better than those with low or zero exposure. The overall conclusion from the findings of the study is that exposureto audio recording of course material is highly beneficial to students that are highly exposed to it.

Affiliation :

1Open and Distance Learning Centre, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu Nigeria                         

2Department of Science and Computer Education, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria

 3Department of Industrial Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Demography,  Enugu State University of Science and Technology,  Enugu, Nigeria

Keywords : academic performance, effectiveness, electronic audio course materials, exposure.
Date : Friday ,31 ,March ,2017

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