Author : Ene, Felicia N (Ph.D)

The study was carried out to find out how far lecturers’ instructional strategies in the Use of
English classrooms helped to enhance students’ acquisition of language skills. The study adopted a survey design.
The population consisted of all the 100L students of four universities in Enugu metropolis and they number four
thousand hundred and ninety (4490) and a 5% sample of 224 respondents was used. The research questions that
guided the study were answered using mean statistics (X). It was found out that the strategies used by lectures of
Use of English were not enough to enhance the students’ acquisition of English language, judging that this is our
official language. Recommendations were made based on findings.
Affiliation :

Godfrey Okoye University, Thinker’s Corner, Enugu, Nigeria

Keywords : Assessment, Enhancing, Instructional, Language Skills, Strategies
Date : Friday ,31 ,March ,2017

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