Author : Didiugwu, C.M1., Chukwura, E.I.2, George-Okafor, U.O.3, Ojiagu, D. K.4

The potential of commercially sold Parmetol DF 19 Forte as a paint fungicide was examined. The microbial strains that were used for carrying out the test were isolated from old and worn-out painted surfaces. The isolates were initially screened for their ability to utilize paint as the sole carbon source using mineral salt medium incorporated with the paint, redox indicator and tween 80. The most paint utilizers were fungi identified as Phialophora verrucosa and Madurella mycetomatis. They were subjected to susceptibility test on the biocide using agar well diffusion method. A cidal effect of Parmetol DF 19 Forte on Phialophora verrucosa (>80+0.3mm) and Madurella mycetomatis (>12.5+0.05mm) was obtained. Minimal inhibitory concentration of the parmetol DF 19 Forte was at 0.01g/ml.  This result indicated the potential of parmetol DF19 forte as a fungicide and thus suggests its utilization as a preservative for paint manufacturing at the right concentration.     

Affiliation :
1,3Department of Applied Microbiology and Brewing, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu state, Nigeria.
 2,4Department of Applied Microbiology and Brewing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria.
Keywords : Agar-Well diffusion, Fungi Isolates, Painted surfaces, Parmetol DF 19 Forte, Susceptibility.
Date : Thursday ,30 ,June ,2016

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