Author : Ene, Felicia N( Ph.D)

This research was conducted in Enugu State using teachers of English in the Colleges of Education.
It is aimed at finding out the extent of use of ICT/Online facilities by English Language teacher in the Colleges of
Education in the state, including the various problems constraining the use of ICT Online in teaching and learning.
A structured questionnaire containing 17 items was administered to 80 teachers of English, in the four Colleges of
Education for data collection. Out of this number, 71 respondents, corresponding to 88.5% of the teachers returned
the instrument. The data were analyzed using Means and Standard Deviation. The results showed that many
teachers were not quite knowledgeable about the use of ICT/Online not to talk of engaging in e-learning which is a
more sophisticated application of ICT. The teachers who use the computer to assist their teaching in any way are
very few. All the respondents are unanimous with their agreement over the constraints to ICT application. Based on
these, recommendations were made.

Affiliation :

Godfrey Okoye University Thinker’s Corner, Emene- Enugu. Nigeria,

Keywords : Communication, E-learning, Innovation, Information, Technology.
Date : Friday ,30 ,June ,2017

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