Author : E.N. Didigwu1,M.B. Okofu2

Mathematical model is a method of simulating real-life situations with mathematical equations to predict their future behavior.   Blood vessels are the channels or conduit through which blood is distributed to body tissues .This study is concerned with mathematical models of blood flow behavior through an artery having multiple constrictions.  The stenoses is assumed to be mild and using the no slip boundary condition, the equations governing the flow of the proposed model are solved and closed form expressions for the  haemodynamic factors like wall shear stress, volumetric flow rate, pressure and velocity are analyzed theoretically.

Affiliation :

 1Department of Mathematics/ Computer Science, Coal City University, Nigeria

2Department of Mathematics, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria

Keywords : blood flow, constriction, flow resistance, pressure, stenosis, wall shear stress
Date : Saturday ,30 ,September ,2017

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