All publications in the International Journal of Scientific and Allied Research are subjective to open access policy, are published under Creative Commons Attribution License and are identified by ISSN.

A manuscript may be submitted only by one of its authors, who is granted permission of all other co-authors (if present).

The submitted manuscripts are considered for publication if they are intended only for the relevant journal, they have not been published already, nor are they under consideration for publication in press elsewhere. They should represent accurate, original and unique information concerning topical and significant scientific problems.

Every manuscript undergoes blind peer-reviewed by the stipulated members of the editorial board and independent experts in same academic field of the author. The outcome is critical to the publication of the manuscript. Approving a manuscript for publication does not in any way mean that the reviewers, the editorial board and/or the publisher are in consent with the authors' point of view. The editors have the right to correct the manuscripts, if necessary.

Only manuscripts written in correct English are accepted. Authors are free to choose whether to use British or American style but are obliged to use one only. Switching between two styles is unacceptable.

The submitted manuscript should be between 4 and 15 pages in Microsoft Office Word file format (.DOC or .DOCX file format), consistent with the stipulated Formatting requirements. The publication of any manuscript over 15 pages long is to be negotiated with the publisher. An author can have no more than two manuscripts published in the same volume.

The publisher, the members of the editorial board and reviewers do not assume any responsibility for the content of the published article, nor the consequences of its disclosure. Articles containing mistakes, violating copyright, publishing ethics, publishing requirements or providing misleading information, shall be removed without warning and compensation.

In case the author was granted funding by or was in any way bound to a person or an organization that are believed to may have a negative effect on the represented results, he is obliged to notice this in the end of the manuscript. This applies to any other possible conflict of interests, as well.